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We drove down to Providence to attend the Awards Ceremony yesterday afternoon, and were able to take a ‘Sneak Peek’ at the show, special exhibits, and vendors.   What a great show – if you can get to Providence by Saturday April 14,  go to MQX East!

Five Bar Blues by Diane Loomis Winner MQX East Large Wall Traditional Quilts

Five Bar Blues won 3rd place in the Large Wall Quilts – Traditional category!

I was thrilled my quilt was honored – this category is full of stunning quilts by talented quilters.

The exhibit was hung so that the backs of all the award-winning quilts – and many others, as well, were open and visible as we walked through the exhibit.  Sometimes you couldn’t tell the back from the front – and because of the remarkable machine quilting, many of the backs of the quilts were at least as beautiful as the front of the quilt.  I have not attended a quilt show hung this way before and it was a treat to be able to easily see both sides the quilts.

The full list of MQX East 2012 award winners is available on the MQX website.  For a sneak peek at the show, MQX also has live webcams on the MQX show floor!

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I couldn’t stop myself from quilting once I began free motion quilting the feather plumes from last month’s challenge.  The fabric is solid silver, silk/cotton sateen.  Using different colors of silk thread (all #100, both YLI and Superior depending on the color)  made it look like the fabric was hand dyed (although this photograph may not do justice to it).

February Free Motion Quilting Challenge Feather Plumes sampler

I liked the pale lavender thread on the silver sateen best and used it to stitch the feather plumes and the first few rows of echo quilting around them.  When I finished quilting the sampler, the fabric around the feathers looked lavender, instead of silver.  My second favorite color on the silver sateen was pale blue (different shades) but the contrast of the light green silk thread really added movement to the background.


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Happy New Year!

To encourage myself to re-start blogging this year, and to challenge myself to practice new free motion quilting techniques, I ‘took the pledge’ to participate in the 2012 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge.

Check out this challenge at SewCalGal’s blog — especially the list of talented machine quilters (all home sewing machine quilters!) who have volunteered their expertise.   Every month a different tutorial will be available at for the 2012 FMQ Challenge.   I’m looking forward to the different tutorials, especially those that will be out of my ‘comfort zone’.   It’s good to stretch, and I believe we never stop learning, and there’s always room for a new idea, insight, or tip.

This month’s video tutorial was by Frances Moore who demonstrated a simple leaf motif.  Here’s my sample of the leaf motif, quilted in an 8″ square (also, my January ‘entry’, submitted in the nick of time – practically the last hour of January!)

January sample for the 2012 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge
The leaves are quilted with pale green silk thread (of course!) on a quilt sample sandwiched with  cotton batting.  I tried a sample with wool batting but there was way too much ‘pouf’ in the open area for the 8″ square.  My variation of this motif adds the echoed outline around the center square of leaves, and around the inside of the leaf border.

Next month’s tutorial (probably ‘this month’ eg February by the time you read this) – not to be missed – is by Diane Gaudynski.  Visit Diane’s blog for previews of her February tutorial explaining how to quilt a feather plume.

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I spent 40 very full hours in Paducah on Wednesday and Thursday, April 27 & 28.  I wish I could have stayed longer — there were so many places to visit, quilts to see, and wonderful quilters to meet.  I’m looking forward to returning for a more leisurely trip this fall.

I didn’t have very much time to shop while I was at the show.  Much to my husband’s dismay, I did manage to get not one, but two bags from Paducah (thank you RaNae!) with the AQS 2011 logo.  (He has been calling me a ‘bag lady’ for many years now and I suppose I do have plenty of bags… but … each one is unique, and bags from this show are really special!)

As I practically ran through the vendors, I noticed there were many vendors in Paducah that I have not seen at any of the New England shows.  I took a special trip to visit the Cherrywood booth to look at (and touch) their beautiful hand dyed fabric in person.  It was difficult to tear myself away, and I couldn’t decide what to buy so, very uncharacteristically, I bought nothing.  (I reassured myself that mail order is only a click away…)

Quilted in Clay Eyeglass holder necklace

One of my favorite finds was a lovely beaded badge holder (aka eyeglass holder) from Quilted in Clay.  Isn’t this a prettier way to wear your badge than wearing one of those grey elastic bands around your neck?  I really love it and am trying to figure out how I can wear it when I am not at a quilt show.

Of course, I picked up the show catalog and CD with photos of all the quilts.  Good thing, too, since I didn’t have a chance to see all the quilts … many too many quilts, all too beautiful and deserving of lingering at each…. and not enough time.  Unfortunately, I also got this at the show…

Yes, that’s my hand — my finger that had a run-in with the trunk of my rental car.  Lots of wonderful and skilled folks took care of me at the show as well as that evening before I returned home, and I was back on my feet within a short time.  When I saw my doctor on Friday, I discovered that the finger was fractured too.  Ouch!!  But no worries – it is expected to heal with no problems, and it is better now (10 days later).

So these are a few of my favorite things from the Paducah show this year:
Five Bar Blues with its ribbon for the Brother Wall Machine Workmanship Award
Scott Gramza from the Brother Corporation, AQS Sponsor of the award
Me with my new badge holder
Hiding my bandaged finger behind my back!

Scott Gramza, Brother Corp. AQS Sponsor, and Diane Loomis with her winning quilt Five Bar Blues

©2011 Diane Loomis All Rights Reserved

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Although I have never been to the quilt show in Paducah before, I know this was a very unusual year for the show.  Due to high water in the Ohio River, Paducah installed the floodgates the weekend before the show.  The Floodwall Murals painted on the concrete walls that usually overlook the Ohio River were impressive and I wish I had more time to enjoy them.

Paducah Floodwall Murals

Here is the floodgate installed just to the left of the murals above.  That is me standing in front of the gates – they are high and sturdy!

Paducah floodgate installed

Here is a photo of the same place I was standing (you can see the same mural to the right), but photographed farther away and from the second floor of a restaurant.  You can see how flooded the Ohio river is.

Ohio River at Paducah Floodwalls

The main venue of the quilt show – the Expo and Convention Center – is outside the floodgates.  So the quilts had to be relocated from the Expo Center to different venues in Paducah at the last minute.  Most of the quilts, award winners, and many vendors, moved to the Pavilion (we called it the bubble).

The Pavilion at the AQS Paducah Show 2011

It was very busy in the bubble, especially in the morning — you had to be determined to make your way through the crowds, and Thursday morning I could not even walk through the aisles.  The quilts were beautiful, the vendors were busy, and the quilters were admiring…

Inside the Pavilion at the AQS Paducah Quilt Show 2011

Crowds in the Pavilion at the AQS Paducah 2011 Quilt Show

The wall quilts, including the wall quilt contest winners (and my quilt!)  moved to the first Baptist church in Paducah.   Although there were fewer people at the Baptist Church, it was still busy.

Five Bar Blues recipient of Brother Wall Machine Workmanship Award AQS Paducah 2011

Brother Wall Machine Workmanship Award

And of course, Five Bar Blues was there.   Stay tuned for more from the show in my next post!

©2011 Diane Loomis All Rights Reserved

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My quilt, Five Bar Blues, won the Brother Wall Machine Workmanship Award at the 2011 AQS Quilt Contest in Paducah.  I am still in shock…   So I’m flying down to Paducah to see the quilts and the rest of the amazing show.  I understand they have worked a miracle and moved quilts, vendors, and classes to different venues to save the show from the flooding in the area.   It will be memorable for sure, especially because it will be my first time there, and more especially because I am so proud of my quilt!

I’ll post more photos when I return!  Click on the quilt to go to my website to see a few more details of the quilting.

Brother Wall Machine Workmanship Award - AQS Paducah 2011

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The Farmington Valley Quilter’s Guild invited me to visit their guild, so I drove down to the lovely town of Simsbury, Connecticut last week.  I found quilting designs everywhere!  This is part of the front door of the Simsbury 1820 House where I stayed.

The guild meets in Eno Memorial Hall in Simsbury, which has architectural design inspiration everywhere – in the floors, walls, halls, and ceiling.  Next time I am in the area I am going to revisit Eno Hall and take some photos.

The Guild members were warm and welcoming, and during their meeting I enjoyed the ‘show and tell’ quilts shared by their diverse and talented members.  I gave a trunk show with lots of my quilts and quilt tops, and talked about my love of machine quilting on my home sewing machine.

Phyllis's workshop sampler

I taught my ‘Fabulous Free Motion Fills‘ machine quilting workshop the next day to a great group of quilters from the Guild.   We had a full and very fun day, talking about all types of background fill designs and answering lots of questions about machine quilting on a home sewing machine.

I discovered that many students from the workshop kept on quilting after class was over… and finished their samplers.   Wow!  Their work is beautiful, isn’t it!

Judy's workshop sampler

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