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Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist, remained conscious during a life-threatening stroke, and recovered to tell her story – from the inside out.  She shares her insights into the workings of our brain, learning, creativity, and compassion – and much more – from her unique perspective.  Once I watched this video, I had to learn more.  Now I am reading her book (actually, Dr. Taylor is reading her book to me since I borrowed the audiobook from my local library).

If you know anyone who has experienced brain trauma, watch this video – and read her book. I wish I knew of Dr. Taylor before my dad died – he was disabled by multiple strokes at the end of his life – her ‘Stroke of Insight’ would have helped me understand what he was going through in those last days.

Thanks to Morna and her blog Bittersweet for introducing me to Dr. Taylor’s compelling story.

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