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You have TWO MORE DAYS  to get to New York to see this incredible exhibit!!

Infinite Variety - 650 Red and White Quilts

If you are able to get to the Park Avenue Armory in New York City on Tuesday March 29, or  Wednesday March 30, do whatever you can to get there.   Experiencing and seeing the remarkable exhibition ‘Infinite Variety’ – 650 antique red and white quilts hanging together – has left me speechless.   This is one of the ‘Year of the Quilt’ exhibits put together by the American Folk Art Museum, and is free, but will only hang in New York for 6 days.  For more about this and other quilt exhibits, visit the American Folk Art museum website.

As I walked in to the show, I looked at the quilts hanging, and then looked through my camera, and declared “there’s no way to photograph this exhibit”.

Nevertheless, I tried.  Remembering that I’ve never returned home from a quilt show feeling that I took too many photographs, I took lots of pictures.

Go to my website to see the slide show of  photos I took.  I’ll be adding and rearranging the photos for the next few days so visit more than once!

(On my website go to Favorites / Photos to find the page with the photos – http://dianeloomisquilts.com/dianeloomisblog.htm)

And leave me a comment to let me know what you think!!

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