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The first stop on my October Road trip is Chicago, where I am visiting friends.  We have spent the past few days seeing the sights in and around town.  First stop was the Art Institute of Chicago, where we saw a beautiful exhibit of Japanese kimonos, Chagall’s America Windows, architectural fragments of Chicago either donated or saved from buildings no longer standing, and a complete reconstruction of the Chicago Stock Exchange trading room.

We visited Millennium Park, right next to the Museum.  One of the amazing outdoor art structures in the park called ‘The Bean’ by locals (also known as the Cloud Gate) is a photographer’s dream!  It really does look like a bean:

Cloud Gate in Millenium Park, also known as the 'bean'and you can see the much of the Chicago skyline when the lighting is right:

Chicago Skyline reflected in the 'bean'Many people enjoyed finding their own reflection in the Bean.  My favorite view is from the inside / underneath the Bean, looking straight up:

Looking up into the 'Bean'

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