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IQA notified the finalists selected for the 2012 “Quilts: A World of Beauty” judged show in Houston yesterday and Five Bar Blues is going to the Houston International Quilt Festival this year!  Although it’s always tough to pack and ship any quilt (it feels like I am giving my quilt away to the shipping company) — I’m always very excited to have the opportunity to show my quilts, especially outside of the New England area.

Square in Square I award winning miniature quilt by Diane Loomis

This is the second year the Houston Quilt Festival judged show will include one of my quilts in the exhibit.   Last year, my miniature quilt Square In Square I was a finalist in the IQA Houston show and won 3rd place in the miniature category!

Square in Square I has traveled to the 2012 spring and summer IQA venues as part of the IQA special exhibit “Quilts: A World of Beauty 2011“.  Next week is the last stop for this exhibit at the  International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, from July 27-29, 2012.  If you are going to the Long Beach show, check out this special exhibit and look for Square in Square I  (it is only 14″ square!).

More Five Bar Blues News…..
Did you see Five Bar Blues on the cover of the 2012 Paducah Show Catalog??

AQS Paducah 2012 Show Catalog with Five Bar Blues by Diane Loomis on the cover

Since the AQS Paducah show was in April, I’m afraid this news is “better late than never”…

(In my defense….) I did not know in advance that the America Quilter’s Society planned to use a photograph of Five Bar Blues on the cover of the 2012 Paducah Show Catalog,  and  didn’t find out until a few weeks after the show was over.  When a dedicated fan and friend emailed to congratulate me after she saw that Five Bar Blues was ‘all over’ the Paducah catalog…. I had no idea what she was referring to!  I finally saw a copy of the catalog and understood her excitement.

2012 American Quilters Society Paducah Show Catalog page header with Five Bar Blues by Diane Loomis

Feathered Wreath from border of Five Bar Blues award winning quilt by Diane Loomis

In addition to the cover, images of Five Bar Blues are on every page in the catalog.   Yes – the AQS icon sits nicely centered inside one of the feathered wreaths from the border of Five Bar Blues.

The 2012 AQS Paducah catalog is available for sale from AQS here and (also, of course) has photographs of all the stunning quilts entered in the 2012 AQS Paducah quilt show.  Check it out!

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Five Bar Blues - folded and packed for travel



My quilts had barely returned home from Paducah before I packed them up again to send to the National Quilting Association (NQA) show which ran last week, from June 16 – June 18.  Both Five Bar Blues (small pieced) and Square in Square I (miniature) were on display at the show last week in Columbus, Ohio.


Did anyone see them on display at the NQA show?  I wasn’t able to travel to see the show.

Packed boxes for shipping



I don’t think I am ever going to get used to shipping my quilts, but it was a little easier this time.





Now I’m looking forward to their return home!

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Although I have never been to the quilt show in Paducah before, I know this was a very unusual year for the show.  Due to high water in the Ohio River, Paducah installed the floodgates the weekend before the show.  The Floodwall Murals painted on the concrete walls that usually overlook the Ohio River were impressive and I wish I had more time to enjoy them.

Paducah Floodwall Murals

Here is the floodgate installed just to the left of the murals above.  That is me standing in front of the gates – they are high and sturdy!

Paducah floodgate installed

Here is a photo of the same place I was standing (you can see the same mural to the right), but photographed farther away and from the second floor of a restaurant.  You can see how flooded the Ohio river is.

Ohio River at Paducah Floodwalls

The main venue of the quilt show – the Expo and Convention Center – is outside the floodgates.  So the quilts had to be relocated from the Expo Center to different venues in Paducah at the last minute.  Most of the quilts, award winners, and many vendors, moved to the Pavilion (we called it the bubble).

The Pavilion at the AQS Paducah Show 2011

It was very busy in the bubble, especially in the morning — you had to be determined to make your way through the crowds, and Thursday morning I could not even walk through the aisles.  The quilts were beautiful, the vendors were busy, and the quilters were admiring…

Inside the Pavilion at the AQS Paducah Quilt Show 2011

Crowds in the Pavilion at the AQS Paducah 2011 Quilt Show

The wall quilts, including the wall quilt contest winners (and my quilt!)  moved to the first Baptist church in Paducah.   Although there were fewer people at the Baptist Church, it was still busy.

Five Bar Blues recipient of Brother Wall Machine Workmanship Award AQS Paducah 2011

Brother Wall Machine Workmanship Award

And of course, Five Bar Blues was there.   Stay tuned for more from the show in my next post!

©2011 Diane Loomis All Rights Reserved

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My quilt, Five Bar Blues, won the Brother Wall Machine Workmanship Award at the 2011 AQS Quilt Contest in Paducah.  I am still in shock…   So I’m flying down to Paducah to see the quilts and the rest of the amazing show.  I understand they have worked a miracle and moved quilts, vendors, and classes to different venues to save the show from the flooding in the area.   It will be memorable for sure, especially because it will be my first time there, and more especially because I am so proud of my quilt!

I’ll post more photos when I return!  Click on the quilt to go to my website to see a few more details of the quilting.

Brother Wall Machine Workmanship Award - AQS Paducah 2011

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OK, you haven’t heard from me in a long time.  And, despite the title of this post, I do know that it is now 2011.  I drafted this blog entry last November but life caught me up before I had a chance to post it.  I wanted to share it anyway…. so here it is:

I have always loved and been inspired by Amish quilts, and had a bit of an obsession with them last year.  The theme of A Quilters Gathering 2010 was “Plain and Fancy: from Amish Design to Modern Times”.  The show in Nashua, NH was from November 4th through 7th last year.   In addition to the quilt competition, there was a large exhibit of Amish quilts on display.

Square in Square I

Square in Square I, 14" x 14"


I entered three quilts in the show, all inspired by traditional Amish designs, and all quilted on my home sewing machine, of course.  The judges honored my quilts with a ribbon for each entry.  Visit my (recently updated) website for more on each of these quilts.

Did my Amish obsession pass with 2010?  I don’t think so …




I am proud of Five Bar Blues which won Machine Quilting Excellence – 2nd Place.

Five Bar Blues

Five Bar Blues, 50" x 65"

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