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The first class I took with Diane Gaudynski in 2004 was the beginning of my passion for machine quilting, and Diane’s work and teaching continues to inspire me.  Every time I think of classes I’ve taken with her, re-read her books, or search out new tidbits from her website, I am inspired all over again.

And now Diane has started a blog! chock full of beautiful photos and some of the best discussions about machine quilting you’ll find anywhere.  So go visit her blog, and get quilting advice from the best!

Diane Gaudynski's Blog

I’ve subscribed to her blog, so every morning I peek into my Google Reader to see if there is a new post from Diane to enjoy.  I haven’t been disappointed – last week she added a new post every day!

*image used with permission from Diane Gaudynski

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